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Just you and the wind…

Sailing as a sport, or just to enjoy that special feeling of freedom and being at one with nature, when the engine is switched off and the wind takes over …

Thuishaven for beginners…

At Jachthaven Naarden you can become acquainted with – and enjoy - the sport of sailing in various ways:

  • Rent a boat at Boats Rental Naarderbos
  • Discover the beautiful sailing areas of Jachthaven Naarden with nothing more than the sound of the wind and the lines and ropes….

…and experienced sailors

  • Drop by during one of your trips on the water and enjoy our hospitality (in the sailing season it’s best to make a reservation: 00-31-(0)35-6956050)
  • Become a member of Naarden Rowing and Sailing Club and sail with us in competitions and non-competitive voyages
  • Make use of the Randmeren Card and the app for beautiful trips departing from Jachthaven Naarden
  • Attractive and comfortable berths can be rented at our marina in the summer and winter (good road access via the A1)
  • For repairs and maintenance you can contact ShipShape Gooimeer