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Romance, antiques and Jan des Bouvrie

The town with the still visible star-shaped ramparts is famous throughout the Netherlands, and particularly in the Gooi area. And rightly so - it is a charming town with lots to do and see.

The most beautiful town in the Gooi

A day in Naarden Vesting is an outing for your senses. The town is especially rich in art, culture, history, antiques, delicatessen shops and last but not least the designs of Jan des Bouvrie at Het Arsenaal. You can reach the town in no time from Marina Park Naarden: just 15 minutes by bike (available for rent at the marina office), a quick drive by car or take the bus which stops just round the corner.  

Art, culture and more

Check out the activities on offer at Naarden Vesting via Naarden Vesting website or VVV Gooi- en Vechtstreek for more information and ideas for outings. A few suggestions are listed below.

Fine shopping

You won’t find department stores and mega malls in Naarden Vesting, but there is a wonderful collection of excellent specialist shops, such as Kantje Boord (beautiful maritime fashion), Vranse Gans (antiques) and Juffertje in ’t Groen (flowers and plants mentioned in lifestyle magazines). Top quality shops run by people with a real passion for their business. 

Monuments and museums

Naarden Vesting got its star shape during the 17th century and subsequent Golden Century. Much of this and later history has been preserved in the town. Visit for example the Comenius Museum, the Vestingmuseum (with FREE guided tour on Sundays!) or the beautiful Grote Kerk. There are also very attractive walks throughout the town. Information and routes: VVV Gooi- en Vechtstreek

Photo Festival Naarden (May – June 2015)

Photo Festival Naarden has grown since 1989 into becoming one of the most important events in Dutch photography.  Every two years  Dutch photography is highlighted with exhibitions at various locations throughout Naarden Vesting. There are often wonderful photo presentations outside, on the water and in the many monumental buildings. DEFINITELY worth visiting!