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Easy access and low cost for trailer & boat!

Your own trailer is ideal if you want to set sail from any location and  Jachthaven Naarden is a great place to set off! Located in the centre of the Netherlands, it is easy to reach and well suited for trailer traffic.

Welcome to the Dinghy park

Our dinghy park is tarmacked and  ideal for the safe storage of boats and trailers. You can leave your boat and trailer here throughout the summer and winter. See here for rates.

Easy parking, easy access

Feel like a trip around the Gooimeer and Randmeren? Or do you prefer the  Markermeer with its pretty coastal villages? Out trailer slipway is easy to access and in excellent condition.  Parking is free when you use our slipway (€15 for a single launch, in and out).

Good deal on Trailer Pass for all Thuishavens!

Tip: the Thuishaven Trailer Pass offers 10 boat launches and car parking for only € 100. You can use the Pass at all Thuishavens. A great offer and great fun because each Thuishaven is a completely different experience offering a whole new sailing area.  

These are the other Thuishavens!