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Lifesaving can be learned!

Besides being a rescue squad (great to have you on board at Jachthaven Naarden!), Naarden Rescue Squad is very much an active swimming club. Come and join! 

Lifesaving and swimming

Roughly 100 times a year the Naarden Rescue Squad is called out to provide assistance following accidents or during dangerous conditions on the water. In addition, parents and children can come here for courses in lifesaving and competition swimming. Great fun!

Support the Rescue Squad

In this country of water our Rescue Squads are indispensable. This is all done on a voluntary basis and so the squads are constantly in need of financial assistance.  Support Naarden Rescue Squad: become a member, sponsor or give them a one-off donation. We thank you on behalf of all water sports enthusiasts.

Tip: organise a children’s birthday party at the Rescue Squad! Let them find out about rescue work, sail with the squad on a rescue boat and be taught the basics of lifesaving. They’ll feel like true heroes!